Millennial Trains Project

Great news!

Here we go! Unexpectedly I got in the amazing project, which is called MTP, in terms of which me and 24 other people will spend 10 days on the train going from Portland, OR to New York, NY.
During the journey we will encounter a collage of ranches, farms, port towns, declining industrial cities, reborn urban centers, farmers, businessmen, fishermen, just ordinary people, and numerous landmarks of the nation’s history. In terms of my research project, I will be exploring small businesses and social innovation across industrial cities in northern American states, as such big cities and industrial centers as Seattle, Portland, Chicago offer best examples of such innovation. For instance, Seattle is known for its innovative startups, especially social ones, from weird toys shops to handbag rental service.

In the early decades of the 20th century the American largest cities benefited from industrial growth bolstering their economy, however since the1980s the American largest industrial centers have been badly hit by the economic decline. Nevertheless, every recession has silver linings: the small business started growing rapidly, as the unemployment rose, proving that the most innovative ideas are born during the worst times. The examples of small businesses in industrial centers abound!

Exploring those cities and their small businesses, I would like to collect the best innovative ideas and share them through my blogspot and video blog on YouTube, thus contributing to the development of small business through talking about breakthrough ideas and creative approach to startups. Another goal would be to showcase that small business improves economic environment and enhances the quality of life.

The MTP brings together people with different background, interests and research goals. However, close communication among the participants during the journey will inevitably influence projects outcome, as well as the participants’ world outlook, hopefully to the best.

On Wednesday, August 6th I'm flying to Portland to start this awesome adventure, and starting from there I'll be writing the blog about everything going on in and outside the train.

While I'm still here, in Boston, I'm enjoying the MTP landing page which features the participants' background :)

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